Zipping your files

August 7, 2009 by Brenda Bell · Leave a Comment
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So, you have finished your artwork, collected your files for output and need to send them over the internet to us to produce. You could just attach them to an email one by one and go, however, if you do this, the fonts and any postscript files will likely corrupt in transfer. To protect your files from corruption and to save yourself the hassle of having to resubmit parts of your file and thereby risk delaying the project, just compress your files by zipping them before sending. Here’s how:

If you are on a MAC, you have it easy. Just highlight all of the files and/or folders you want to include in your zip folder, ctrl + click (right click if you have a mighty mouse or other 2 button mouse). This will bring up a submenu. Select the option “Create Archive of” (or on some versions of OS X it says “Create Compressed file of”). This will zip all of your files up into one file with a .zip extension.

If you are on a Windows based pc, you will have to download a simple third party program to create zipped file such as WinZip or FreeZip. Follow the simple on screen instructions to create your zip file.

If you are uploading your files to our FTP site, our site will automatically zip your files for you so your files will get to us in one piece.

If you want to unzip a file someone sent to you, just double click. Both Mac’s and Windows based pcs have a unzip utility built in.